Penguin Research

Our Penguin Research

We read books and watched videos on penguins. They learned so much!

Day 1: we did a KWL. 
Day 2: Start the Tree Map for "can". Penguins can ____.
Day 3: Continue the Tree Map for "have". On this day we labeled a penguin and completed the sentence frame: Penguins have ___.
Day 4: Finished the Tree Map for "are". Penguins are _____.
Day 5: Work on their research paper draft.
Day 6: Wrote their final draft.

Here is a picture of the KWL. I drew all the things that we learned in the second picture. 

This is an example of how I help my students finish the sentence frame. Every student drew a penguin and labeled it. I always model and then I have them copy with guidance and support.

 Here is our finished Tree Map.

Here are samples of what my students recorded in their writing journals. We worked on the tree map for 3 days.

Not only did we use penguins in our reading, writing, and science... We used them in our math stories. Super Cute!!!

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