Best of 2015

I haven't posted since September! Oh MY! This post will be on best practices and ideas that worked in my classroom.

This year, I continued doing Mad Science Friday's and Foodie Fun Friday. All of which follow a thematic sequence. I just loved all of the ideas I learned from Smorgasboard and other AWESOME bloggers.

Here goes...

We had a superhero door decorating contest in the beginning of the year and this is what I did. 

Examples of my September Books. I LOVE Books!

Apple research...
We painted with apples, graphed our favorite type of apple, made apple sauce, and planted the apples seeds. What FUN!! We actually had some seeds sprout and grow tall.

In the beginning of Fall, we talk about leaves and why they change colors. We worked with colors to make new colors for our fall tree.

We read There was an Old Lady Who Wasn't Afraid of Anything. Best book to kick off the fall season. We made scarecrow snack to go along with the theme of scarecrows. 

Here are some of my Halloween books. 

Going to the fire station was one of the best field trips I have gone on. It was free and the students were able to see EVERYTHING!

Pumpkin Research- We learned everything about pumpkins. We got to touch the inside of the pumpkin and carve a face in our pumpkin. We planted the seeds and watched them grow. We made pumpkin pies, Yum! 

I think this is my MOST favorite bulletin boards I have done in all my years teaching. It made me smile. :)

My awesome team on Halloween! We are missing our newest member. She just started a few weeks ago. 

We had so much fun making slim!  The bat for Foodie Fun Friday was a hit as well!

I tried something new. I didn't take a picture of the set up, but I made turkey races using the force of the air in the balloon. The kid went wild of this. We also made turkey's with the glove for Foodie Fun Friday.

Here is a Foodie Fun Friday comparing shapes. It was great!

We remember out Veterans! 

We read Stone Soup and made stone soup for our Thanksgiving celebration. I love the story!
Here are some of my Holiday books.

Candy Cane Research- Which liquid will dissolve the candy cane the fastest. Great science project. It was my second year doing this science experiment and I got different results. 
Here are some pictures of my students working in their Holiday centers. 

Here is a picture of my door during the Holidays. Snoopy just melts my heart! :)

That's a wrap! 
I hope to stay up-to-date with my posts. I really love looking back and seeing the differences each year. 

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