Wonders Reading Products for Start Smart

I am excited to say that I have started UPDATING my Start Smart Wonders Reading Extra Assessments and more product on TPT.

I finished Week 1 of Start Smart last night. It's all about nursery rhymes! :) I even add a crafty for Jack and Jill. Here is a peek and you can get for free on Teachers Pay Teachers.
I even changed the front cover.

Here are some examples of the new material I made.

I am ALL About the crafty art project for kindergarten. It is important to the students AND the teacher.
For the Jack and Jill crafty, the purpose is to help them retell the story. I got the crafty idea from Frog Spot A Blog From the Pond. Check it out! 
Here is what I made with the clipart I purchased.  

Jack and Jill

Have students make this crafty to help them retell the nursery rhyme “Jake and Jill”.
Paper plate
1.Color and cut out the pictures.
2.Glue on the hill and well.
3.Line up Jake and Jill in the middle of the plate. Then use a hole puncher to make a hole.
4.Put the brad/pin  in. 
Also, if you are interested in super cute learning centers during Start Smart, check out Nursery Rhymes! A Back to School Math and Literacy Center Creation! I have it and my students LOVE it!

I should have all of Start Smart updated by tonight. So be sure to check back and see what I have created. It's SO addicting!

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