First Summer Project Completed!

First Summer Project Completed
I am so excited about completing my first project. It was an idea that I got from my Blogger Meet Up last night. Jessica and Christena presented an idea of a hand held white board. They used card stock paper and laminated it. On the back side, they hot glued a popsicle stick. It was simple and super easy to make.

However, I like to personalized things. So, I took their idea and made the same thing. I added my classroom colors and on the backside, I added writing lines. Instead of hot gluing the popsicle stick to the back, I hot glued it in the middle of the two sides. Look at the pictures below to see how I did it. 

First, print out the two pages.
Next, cut around the edges so that you only see the border.
Then, Laminated the pages back-to-back so that you see both sides. Cut a small section in the middle on the bottom to insert the popsicle stick.

Finally, hot glue inside of the insert with the popsicle stick.

I am super excited to use these this year. It can be used for many different things. I plan to use it as a formative assessment when reading and completing math problems. I will have student practice hand writing, writing sentences, spelling word/word family review, and more. I will post pictures of how I use it throughout the year. You can get my template on my Teachers Pay Teachers store. It's a FREEBIE! 
I hope you enjoyed this!

Special thanks to Jessica and Christena!

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