South Florida Blogger Summer Meet-Up Groove

 South Florida Blogger 
Summer Meet-Up Groove

I am so excited about the new friendships I made this weekend. These ladies are so amazing and are loads of FUN! I have to give special THANKS to First Grade Stripes, Faithful in First, and Your Thrifty Co-Teacher. They did a fabulous job organizing the South Florida Blogger's first annual meet-up.  

Not only did these ladies do an amazing job organizing the meet-up, they got many bloggers to donate goodies. One of my MOST FAVORITE bloggers donated teacher swag bags and a pink lanyard. Yup!! I now have a Smorgie Swag Bag. So exciting!

Here we all are with our new Smorgie Swag Bag!!

I can't wait to see what this group will grow into.

Thanks you so much!

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  1. We loved having you and we are so super happy for our new friendship! :)