Tuesday: We Do!

Day 2: We Do!

So... Do you see the bottom picture? Yup! That is the spray from a skunk. Yes! it can spray as far as the length of a car. Crazy! I did not know that! 

Before I drew the pictures on the chart, we did a picture walk of each page. We talked about each page. After, we discussed the topic... I asked my students what was the topic of the book? I was waiting for all of them to say skunk... but not one student said it. So, I turned to the cover and asked again pointing at the skunk. I got my answer. YAY! I drew the skunk for the topic in the first box.  Not so pretty, but they got... and they see that not all drawings have to be perfect. 

For the second box, Draw/Label/Write details from the text, my students picked the picture with the car. This was my first picture but I erased it and just drew an arrow under the car. This just did not look right. 

After I model using this Informational Text Map, I had my students pick a book on an animal of their choice. Back tracking... On Monday, I had my students go to the library to learn how to check out books. It was so cool. They learned about how the library organizes books and were able to go up to the counter and give their book to the librarian to check it out. Awesome! They felt so big! 

I had them pick a book on an animal that they would like to know more about. I explained to them that this animal would be their animal for their research project. Our final draft will be a report on an animal. 

Here are some pictures of my students work for completing the first two boxes. On the bottom part of the graphic organizer, my students will write a sentence about their animal for Day 3. 

I enjoyed this lesson. Let me know what you think. :)

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