Superlicous Sunday Planning

 February the LOVE Month!!

I love Valentine's Day! It is a day to show our love to your friends. It is a day to appreciate friendships. This week we will be celebrating Valentine's Day and friendships. Lots of love! 
Here is a copy of my plans: Lesson Plans- Week 24

Learning Objectives for this week:
  • Compare shapes alike and different
  •  Analyze and compare three-dimensional shapes
  • Recognize characteristics of fiction
  • Story elements: characters, setting, & events 
  • Identify a problem and solution in a story
  • The importance of Friendship
  • Learn ways living things change and grow over time

I found an idea that goes along with the book, The Day It Rained Hearts, from you know who... Smorgie (Smorgasboard and Mrs. Lee's Kindergarten. Super cute! Here is a link to a read aloud, if you do not have the book, by Arwen Sharp:
She has a Youtube channel. She also has other Valentine's book on video. 

Here is the cute math connection activity.

We will read Pete The Cat Valentine's Day is Cool. With this story, I like to discuss problem and solution. I use a two-column chart to display the problem and solution. We together write a one summary sentence about the story. Great Fun!

We will also start our MAD science experiment today. We are testing to see which color will travel the fastest to the flower. I found this picture on pinterest for Mother's Day from Kiwi Crate. However, I just have to have ALL of the colors tested. The more colors the more fun! LOVE IT!!!

We will read Roses Are Pink, Your Feet Really Stink. On this day, I will review problem and solution. I will have the students draw/write the problem and the solution in their journals. We will also discuss poems and write a poem together. 
There is another cute idea from Mrs. Ricca's Kindergarten. Here is her link to a free copy of the heart template and poem. Check out her blog, she has all sorts of fun activities for Valentine's Day. Since we are working on poems, we will make a crafty for parents that includes a poem. 

In science we are studying plants. We will make a diagram of a plant showing parts and what it need to grow. I got this wonderful idea from Adventures of a K/1 Teacher. I will post pictures of what we create. I can't wait!

On this day, we will read There Was An Old Lady Who Swallowed A Rose! My students love all of her books. We talk about sequence and why she swallowed each thing. Then, we write about the silliest thing she swallowed and why they thought it was funny. 

On this day, I want to make start to make their treat bags. I've decided to make it differently this year. This year, we are going to make a Bee Mine Valentine Bee instead of hearts. I figured this is cuter and it matches my classroom them. I got the Bee idea from Mrs. Ricca's Kindergarten.
I will post pictures of my example this week.

One of my favorite books is The Night Before Valentine's Day. I like to read this before our Valentine's celebration. It is fun to compare what we did to get ready from the book.

Another book I like to read is Love, Splat. Super Cute! This is another problem/solution story. Last year, we made Splat holding a red heart. We pasted a poem in the middle of the heart. I don't think I will have time for that this year.  

We will start off our day with a silly hat (a tradition of Smogasboard that I started doing).  
And of course, we will read Today is Valentine's Day. Love this book. We will compare what the children do on Valentine's to what we do. Super Cute Book!

For math, we will play with candy hears. We will count, sort by color, and see how many will can hold in our hands. I got the idea of how many can you hold in your hand from Smorgie. Here is a picture of the hand sheet he uses. Super Cute!

Our Foodie Fun Friday will be cupcakes that I bake.

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