Superlicous Sunday Planning

Superlicous Sunday Planning!!!!

We are on Week 26 of the school year and  I can't believe how fast time is going by. 

I have to confess that I have fallen back in love with the Wonders Reading Series. I went to a workshop last week and one of the presenters inspired me to immerse myself completely into the units. Don't get me wrong, I teach all of the concepts and skills, but integrating my own material. One of the reasons why I used my material is for my love and attachment I have to my personal literature library. I love my books with all my heart!

I revised my lesson plan format. Here is my lesson plan for this week: Lesson Plan

In our reading series, we will be working on the topic of animals,  which goes great with our science topic. This is a plus to teaching all subjects because you are able integrate other subjects.
Our theme is Amazing Animals. We will be working on animals for the entire unit of 3 weeks (Unit 7 of the Wonders Reading Series).

My students love animals. The first book we will read is Zoo Borns!
Super Cute Book!! With this book, it will be our first step to our thematic research on animals. We will discuss animal body parts and compare animal characteristics. 
I am super excited to start this unit!
We will continue to use informational texts to gather information for our writing project. On, there are several informational texts on different types of animals. We will be using these books as well to compare and gather information on animals.
Here are a few others to look at.

Our writing project this week, is to make a report on an animal. The information we read about in the 90 minute reading block will help them find facts and ideas for their report. 

In science, students will continue to work on their research with animals and plants. We will also work on dental care and President's Day. Since I was out most of last week, I was not able to celebrate or discuss President's Day.

We will make a super cute crafty of George Washington and Abraham Lincoln. I got this fabulous idea from Smorgie

For Dental Health, we will make a diagram of the tooth with steps to care for our teeth. We will also do an experiment on what happens when we do not brush our teeth. I got this experiment idea from Smorgie as well.

In Math, we will continue to investigate shapes.

That's all for this week!

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