Preparing for Valentine's Day

On Fridays, I like to do an art project, science experiment, and Foodie Fun Friday. The Friday before the week of Valentines, we made hearts with hanging nouns. This was a good review of the naming words. The hearts will make the week of Valentine's Day festive. All of these ideas, I got from Smorgasboard. 

Here are the materials you will need to do a Candy Heart Experiment. I got the recording sheet from Smorgasboard. It is a freebie!! :) My students predicted whether the candy heart would sink or float in soda, vinegar, or water. We were surprised to see what happened. If you try this experiment, be sure to wait and watch.

For our Foodie Fun Friday, we made parfaits. Guess who I got this idea from?  Yup! Smorgie!! :)

I made mine differently. I did not add cupcake into the layers. In stead, I used vanilla wafers. I also only used yogurt (vanilla and strawberry) and not vanilla pudding. Whip cream on top... Of Course! with sprinkles. :) My students LOVED this snack!

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