Monday: Brainstorm

Monday Work!!

Writing Lesson: Brainstorm

On Monday, during writing, I focused on prewriting. We first brainstormed about squirrels. We discussed what we know about squirrels first and then read a book about squirrels on 

As we read the book, we listened for fact about squirrels. Here is the web we started. 

After we listened to the books and made our web, we made sentence using this sentence frame. We focused on animal body parts. 

After my students made a sentence using the first sentence frame, we discussed verbs. The sentence frame in red was what I used to write about what squirrels can do. We put a red dot next to each verb. 

Here are some examples of my students work. First, they drew a picture of a squirrel. Then, they label on body part and wrote a sentence using the sentence frame. 

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