September - October (WOW! Time is going by too fast)

Here are some of my favorite moments from September and October. 

This is an oldie but goodie! I just love this book! We made scarecrow snack for Foodie Fun Friday the week I read this. 

About two weeks before Halloween, we were working on matter. The glitter explosion was perfect for a "Mad Scientist" experiment. I got this idea from Smorgasbord. My most favorite blogger.

We predict, observed, and discussed what happened when we added vinegar to the baking soda mixture. They absolutely loved this experiment. 

Here we practiced adding numbers. 

Here is another favorite art activity I love to do with my students. Since we live in Florida and dont get to see the trees turn colors, I like to have my student create a fall tree. They love this and had so much fun painting with their fingers. Their pictures made the room look so pretty. 

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