Monday Made it and More!

Monday Made It!
Here are somethings I made for my dear friend who just starting teaching this year. She has an ocean theme in her classroom. It is super cute. She have a net hanging over her word wall with the title "Hooked on Words". LOVE it! 
I made this for my classroom this year to match the polka dot with bumble bees this year.
My students made this after we read and discussed the book Miss Nelson is Missing. We compared both of the teachers in the story. They loved it. 

Tomorrow (Tuesday), we will read and discuss Wemberly Worried. I love this book. This will be my first time reading it to the students. I learned about this book from Smorgasborad

I made this chart poster to record students answers after the story.

After I chart students responses, they will complete this worksheet I made today. They will write on things Wemberly worried about and one thing they worry about.

This is my first time teaching hand writing on the Promethean Board. Can I just say... LOVE IT!

Go Noodle ROCKS!
 My students LOVE brain breaks. This was the end of the day brain break.

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