First Week of School Pictures (2014-2015)

First Week of School was a Success

Glue Sponge Video
They REALLY work! Check it out!

The first week was filled with crafty activities to help my students cope with the stress of starting kindergarten. I like to have lots of crafty activities for the first two weeks. This helps the students learn how to use scissors, glue, and color/paint. I still do crafty activities during the year, just not as much. 

On the first day of school, all students write their name on a chart paper. We will compare how they wrote their name on the first day of school, in December, and on the last day of school. It is nice to see their progress. I got this idea from Smorgasboard.

After reading Miss Bindergarten Gets Ready for Kindergarten, my students discuss and compared how the students in the book got read and how they got ready for kindergarten. They loved this book. 

We also read The Kissing Hand. I like to read this book because it talks about feelings and most of my students were very sad when their mother left. I had 4 criers. It just breaks my heart when they look so sad. After the book, I record their feeling on the first day.

 My students wrote and drew a picture about how they felt on the first day. I posted this activity on my TPT. It's a FREEBIE! Click on freebie to grab it.
Then, we made our first crafty of the year. Chester was a BIG hit. Making Chester: I pre-cut all of the black hearts. I drew the big heart on brown paper and the students cut it out. We also used our sponge glues as well. I am now a SPONGE GLUE believer! They really work! Check out my sponge glue video. 

During the first week, its all about their name. On the first day, we write it on a chart paper and compare later in the year. On the second day, we discuss the first letter in their name. I drew block letters first each student's name. The students cut and decorated their letter. We also graphed their names to see how many start with the same letter.  
  Day three, we practice writing our names. I used black beans for this project. I wrote their name in glue and the students put black beans on the glue. This was a big hit in my class. They enjoyed it!

 During the first three weeks of school, we are working on letter recognition. My students in this picture were matching the upper and lower case letters for A-L. In our series program, we start out with one letter a day and then on the third day we look at two letters each day.
In math, we are working on counting 1-5. This is something I made for practice. On the other side of this worksheet was tracing the numbers 0-5. Here they were to color, count, and write the number. It was a hit. They loved the pictures. This is not post on my TPT, but I should have it up soon as a FREEBIE. 

During the first week of school, we also work on High Frequency Words. Our first word was I. All of the students got it. Also, as a tradition, I work with the word "My". I picked this up from my mentor who has retired 3 years ago. :( We make a "My Book" with pictures about school. 

Here is a picture of a student using the glue sponge. BIG HIT!!! 

Although we did not finish our Chicka Chicka Boom Boom trees, we had a great time making them. We will continue to work on them in week 2.  This hand print will be the kick off to our hand print book. I did not make hand print books last year because our school was under tremendous pressure. But this year we do not have the same pressure so, I have decided to continue that tradition. 

Here is a picture of our Friendship Salad. I got this idea from Smorgasboard last year. I love the story. My students get a kick out of the rotten banana. The Friendship Salad was our kick off to our traditional Foodie Fun Friday.

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