Buzzin Bees of Learning July Currently

Hello Everyone!! I am linking up with Oh Boy Fourth Grade for her July Currently! I am excited to start and continue to be part of the Currently's. I love reading about what everyone is up to.
Here goes...

I have two energetic boys (5 and 2). They never stop moving. When it's quiet in my house, that usually means they are up to no good. :) 

On Thursday, I went to school to get my students SAT scores and the computer tech guy said their was a surprise in my room. When he opened my door, I never though it would be a Promethean board. Super excited!!! 

I am thinking and stressing about my dissertation. I have to get all of my documents ready so that the IRB approves my study. My online course I teach at the university just changed. This means that I had to update all of my work so that it matches the new course format. It has to be ready before Fall so that I can gather the data in Fall and write my last chapter over Winter break. 

I always make a list of things to do over the summer. This summer, I planned many DIY projects in my backyard. I am trying to make it a retreat. So far, I am off to a good start. I set all of the plants along the back fence to block out the house behind me. We made a nature walk along the back fence as well. Still to do on the list is a fire pit/sitting area, deck under the pergola, water garden, and veggie garden. I also planned to redo my husband's closet. IKEA is my favorite place to get ideas on how to best make the most of a small space.

I do not need anything. 

The 4th was awesome for my family. We always planned to visit my best friend in North Carolina during the 4th of July. I only get to see her twice a year since she moved up there. On the 4th, we had dinner at the Biltmore Estates and watch their fireworks show. It was super nice! My boys loved it!
This is my best friend Hailey. 

Picture of us at the Biltmore Estate July 4th.
Fun pics at dinner on July 4th.

Thanks for reading my July Currently!


  1. Wow do I feel like a slacker after reading about your summer! I went to one workshop for National Boards and was done! Enjoy the rest of your summer!
    No. 2 Pencils

  2. I can relate to the quietness of little ones. I have a two year old, and 90% of the time it's not good when he's quite. Good luck with your dissertation!

  3. Thank you for the comments, Jacqueline & Monica!
    I need all the luck right now! :)