A peek of my first week of school plans

Here is a PEEK of my first week

First, I have to give credit to Smedley's Smorgasboard of Kindergarten (SSK). I get most of my FUN ideas from him. He is AWESOMENESS of fun ideas!

Day 1 (hour by hour)

Monday, August, 18th
8:10 - As students come in, students will work with table centers (linking blocks). I will ask them to sort by color.
8:35 - Pledge and Morning Announcements
8:20 - After morning announcements, we will clean up and they will learn about the clean up song. I will invite students to the morning meeting rug. I will introduce myself and have each student tell me their name and a little bit about themselves. We will make a circle map titled "Our Names" (SSK). I will write their name on a card before school and put their names on the word wall. Then, we will sing a name song "Good Morning, my name is..". from Smorgasboard (I will take a picture of each student to put it next to their name on the word wall).

8:30 - First ,we will discuss the "Bee" rules and class procedures. Then, the class will take a tour of the room and then the school. I will take a tour of  the school: cafe, play ground, office, clinic, library, etc.

8:45 - When we return from the tour, I will read aloud Bindergarten Gets Ready for Kindergarten. We will compare (discussion) what Bindergarten and the students did to get ready for kindergarten. Then, we will make our first class chart to list all of our ideas. I got this idea from Smorgasboard. Yep! So far I am doing most of his things. When I read Bindergarten, we compare orally. But, this year I am going to chart their responses. It should be fun! :)

9:10 - Last year, I learned about the Monday Hat Day from Smorgasboard. I was HOOKED. I loved seeing his funny hats throughout the year. This year I will be starting off with a First Day Hat. I will create my own using Bees.

9:15 - I will introduce the Wonders Reading Series. We will look at the R/W Big Book and discuss how is everyone special p. 7.  Then, we will read about different animals in Animals in the Park (Wonders reading Series). We will talk about letters. Next, we will work on phonological awareness with Jack and Jill nursery rhyme (counting words). Lastly, we will talk about the HF word "I". We will make sentences and record them on our chart.

9:50- I will introduce the first Daily 5, read to self, by modeling with the book If you take a Mouse to School. We will go over the Daily 5 center rules. We will practice Reading to Self. Students will pick two books to read for the week and keep it at their seat sack.

10:00 - Students will clean up and go back to their seats. They will have a card on their desk to make their desk name tag. Students will write and decorate their name tags.

10:10 - I will start preparing for lunch (bathroom break). Meet at the carpet to explain lunch procedures. Pass out lunch number tags and lineup.
10:20-10:50 - Lunch (Help students learn the routine of the lunch line and model how to sit at the lunch table.)
10:50-11:00 - Take students outside for recess (take pictures for name tags).
11:10 - Bathroom/water break

11:15 -For Math, I used a Smorgasbord idea as well. We will read Brown Bear Brown Bear and discuss colors. We will play a game of "I Spy" to find things in the classroom that are a certain color. I will introduce counting bears to the class and explain how to use counters and rules. I will allow 10-20 minutes of exploration with the counting bears. They will also complete a coloring activity for matching colors and color the animals from the story.

11:55 -For Social Studies we will discuss ways students come to school and go home. Have students color and cut out the way they come to school. Make a picture graph and discuss the results.

12:15 - Meet back at the carpet area. I will read the Kissing Hand and discuss feelings of the first day of school. We will discuss: Today was my first day of school in kindergarten. I felt ____________.
12:45 - They will go back to their desk to work on a booklet all about their first day at school.
1:00 - Students will have time to explore the centers.
1:30- Snack Time with animal crackers
1:40 - Clean up and stack chairs. Meet at the carpet to discuss their favorite part of the day.
That a rap!!! :)
I can't wait for the first day! :)

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