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Fabulous Beekman Boys- Brent and Josh are living my dream. They bought a farm and are living off of the natural resources. I love it and still have hope that one day I can do the same. 

I posted one of my favorite videos of their farm. Its a must see.

Here is the farm I would love to buy.

I would love to live somewhere in South Carolina. I like the Fort Mills area.

TV shows- I am not really into shows ever since Friends ended. However, I did get into True Blood, and Jon and Kate Plus 8. I say Jon and Kate since The Kate Plus 8 special aired. I started watching this show when I was pregnant with my first son (2008). I also like 19 kids and counting and any cooking shows. Rachael Ray, any DIY or HGTV are some of the things I watch when I have time.

I always have the Weather Channel on in the background. Especially in the summer time, you never know when a hurricane may start to brew in the Atlantic. I like to Wake Up With Al. I think this obsession started after Hurricane Andrew. Andrew changed my life. We lost everything we owned.

I'm trying to change my life to organic living. I changed the way I clean my house. I started making my own solutions like vinegar and water, baking soda, lemon or using products like The Honest Company cleaning products, Meyers or Method. I do buy organic fruit and veggies but only from The Dirty Dozen list. It gets expensive! I did change the meat I buy. I only buy grass fed ground beef and Murray's Chicken, and organic eggs. I do buy Organic Valley & StonyField milk and their dairy products. I get lots of coupons from their website. I like to support Organic Valley & StonyField since their milk comes from small family farms. I like family own farms vs big companies. LandOlakes is a joke. They are awful to their animals.

Farming people I learn a lot from: Joel Salatin -

Gary Null GMO video:

Dairy Video:

Inspiring Video:

I want to make my own garden. I just have to research more about how to grow fruit and vegetables. I am doing a DIY project in my back yard. I updated the landscape. I put more palms and pretty plants that have flowers. I love DIY projects. I am constantly making projects around the house.

I love animals. I have 3 cats, five fish tanks ( 2 salt water & 3 fresh water), and a pond. The pond is in the front yard next to the front door.

To be continued...

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