Long Time Since Last Post... Update!

So, after my students took the SAT assignment, it felt like the last months of school flew by. I was so sad to see my students leave, but I know they will ROCK in first.

The last week of school the teachers waited patiently to get their next year assignments...
On the last teacher work day at 2:00, our principal handed out the assignments. My teaching assignment for next year will be Third Grade Reading. I am right back in the grade when I starting teaching 12 years ago.

I am SUPER sad to leave kindergarten and the Kindergarten Team. The kindergarten team was wonderful and supportive. Even though I know I will fall in love with 3 grade and the students, I will try my hardest this summer to get put back in Kindergarten.

This summer I will be prepping for 3rd grade. I have to start making centers for the Daily 5 and CAFE. I have a lot of work to do.

I will post all of the interesting things I find and make for next year.

I am debating if I should keep my bee theme. I just love bees!!!

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