Redoing my library Area and Word Work Center

This morning I was so excited to start organizing my Library and Word Work Center. Over the weekend I went to the Dollar Store. I bought 48 bins. I really wanted to buy the bins from Steps to Literacy. However, the price difference is a no brainer... 20 bins for $69.00 or 48 bins for $48.00. Don't get me wrong, I wanted different colors. So I had to settle for these colors. I am not too happy with the two blues. I wished the Dollar Store had yellow. 

Look at my MESS! It is a fright to see... FOR SURE!

How Could I keep my books leveled and organized? What a mess!!! 

I moved my Library area here. This gave me more room for my Word Work Center bins.

Picture with some books. I still need to make my Bee Theme Label for the library area. 

This is where my Library books were originally. This is now my new Center area for Word Work. The bins are AWESOME! It looks so much better. :) HAPPY TEACHER... HAPPY STUDENTS!

 Here is a picture of where I keep all of my Math Centers. It is not color coded, but I do see myself buying colored duck tape to make it color coded.

Since I was not this kick to redo my Library and Word Work Centers, I decided to buy new fabric for my bulletin boards. I have had green fabric for 6 years... with my old apple theme. Last year, I wanted to start a new theme since I was in a new grade. I picked the Bumble Bees. I love it!!! This fabric is yellow with white dots. I am not sure what to do for the border.

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