Superlicous Sunday Planning

Here is what my Kindergarteners will be doing this week (1/27/14)...

First will always start off our day with a morning meeting and the calendar routine. 

Then, we start our math lesson. Monday we will look at position words. In our journals, they will pick either a 2D or 3D shape to label and draw an example of the shape. 

Word Work-Introduce vowel E, word family -ed, and HF word are. 

Reading- In reading, we just got the new reading series from McGraw-Hill. I am not using my literature books for the reading lessons. It makes me sad! I try to use my book collection during science, social studies, art, and music. I like to teach in a thematic way by using the literature that matches the season, holiday, etc. McGraw-Hill does not follow that format. However, I do like the stories. I just miss my traditional stories. The skill we are focusing on is text features and main idea.

Writing- Students will learning about opinions and work on pronouns.

In science, we are comparing animals and humans. We are also working on our gardens. It is nice to live where we can work on a garden in the winter. 

Math we will continue working on position words. 
Word Work- Blending, sorting with beginning and medial sounds of e.
Reading- Students will relook at the text from Monday and retell the major events. 
Writing- Students will pick their favorite book and draw a picture of their favorite part. Also, they will continue working on pronouns...filling in the blank.
Social Studies- Students will review money and watch a video clip from discovery. 
Art- We will read Snowflake Bentley and identify 3 facts about snow. Students will make snowflakes.

Math-Comparing different lengths and heights
Word Work- Continue working on beginning and medial e sounds and HF are.
Reading- Compare/Contrast two text from the week.
Writing- Complete their final draft of their favorite book and why.
Science- Start planning and working in the garden.
Happy 100th Day of School.
Review with students the different ways to count to 100. Then discuss how today is the 100th day of school. Read aloud Miss Bindergarten Celebrates the 100th day of Kindergarten.
Have students think about things they have at home. What toys or food would they have 100 pieces of? Have them draw and label what it is to make a classroom book.
Word Work-Continue working on beginning and medial e sounds and HF are.
Reading-Make a diagram of a tree and label it.
Writing-Students will write what they wish they had 100 of. Final draft will be on worksheet.
Social Studies- Review money
Art- Make silly hats of 100 things they learned (words, sentences, math problems, science pictures, social students). Labeled it: 100 Days Smarter!

Math- Chapter Test on position words.
Word Work- Assessment for Unit 5 Week 1
Reading- Building background: Make a k/W/L on snow. Then, read The Snowy Day.Discuss the story events and make a schema map of student answers. Fridays is where I can sneak in my literature. I first review and then give their assessment. Then, we have good learning fun with traditional literature books.
Writing-Students write/draw what they think happened to the snowball in the story The Snowy Day.

Social Studies-Read aloud the Scholastic Reader Ground Hog Day. Then, make a picture graph of students predictions.

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