Long post..

Its been about two week's since my last post.

Let's Review
Starting with Friday the 13th -

On my way to school it was foggy. I took a pictures to share. I also shared these pictures with my kinders. We discussed fog. I live in Miami, FL and fog is not something we see often.

This is a picture of the street my school is on.

 This is a picture of our field.

 I ended my week with a Pedi and awesome friends.

This was suppose to be my first Scheduling Sunday post. However, my format was not right. I pressed one button and that was it. It took a long time to fix it. I got so frustrated that I turned off my computer and went to bed. 

Monday morning was stormy. All week we had storms. My students were so sad because we were not able to play outside for recess. :( But, we were able to discuss and experience weather changes.

Monday Made it: I made more labels for the common board for my Dearest Friend KriKri. But, now we don't have to use them. We made the titles that the ETO team wanted. But.. good new we do not have to include Bell Ringer or I do We do They do & You do on our common board. Goodness it took up so much room.
 So let's review my Monday.
This day was awful for me and my Kindergarten Team. Well, to think about the whole school. The reading team from ETO came to observe the classrooms. They did not have anything nice to say. After hearing their feedback, I felt very sad. I even questioned my teaching skills.
I have been teaching for 12 years. Not only that... I have a Masters in Reading Education & a Doctorate in Instructional Technology & Distance Learning and Reading with a minor in Community College Leadership.
It was not clear of what they want or what they are looking for.
For the kinder team, the ETO reading team said that we did not have enough writing in our writing journals and we needed more words on our word walls. We have writing in the journals but they wanted to see more interactive journal entries. We have lots of words on our word wall as well, but they want more.
ETO stands for Educational Transformation Office. ETO's goal is to provide support to schools that have dropped two or more in their letter grade. We went from an A to a B school, but really we are a C school. The state of Florida made a safety net for all schools. This safety net only allowed FL school to drop one letter grade.

On Thursday, we got a visit from the Science team. This was a different experience altogether. The lady was so nice and offered so much support. She took the time to meet with kinder and explain what she wants us to teach. She did not want us to use our texts. She gave us the information and links to sites that have all the support we need. Not only that, she also agreed to do a workshop on interactive journals at my school. Amazing!

We have yet to see the Math team. It can't be any worst than the Reading team... I'm hoping! I am sure they will be at our school this week.

Here is example of my daily message & review from Friday.

Tomorrow I will post my first Scheduling Sunday. I'm so excited!

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