Leapfrog Tag Readers

July 17

I just received my first Leapfrog Tag system. I absolutely love it!! So does my son. Leapfrog has come a long way.

I am thinking about my Daily 5 activities... sorting them out in my head. I was thinking I would make a list of what students can choose to do.

Daily 5 Activities...so far

Read to Self
Classroom Library

Listen to a Book
Leapfrog Tag (2 pens & 21 books)
Leapfrog Learning systems (8 systems & 25 books)
Listening station (50 books with tapes)

Read to a partner
Classroom Library

Work with Words
Leapfrog Tag
Leapfrog Learning System
Teacher made center activities
Writing Center

Students can free write at the writing center.
The center will include paper, pens, pencils, crayons, markers, and paint.

Will add more...

Good Night!

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